Friday, February 6, 2009


Forgive me I haven’t been able to post anything recently because I was moving back across the country, times have changed and I am now back in FL! On my way down I stopped off to play in Charlotte NC (hats off to Your Dirty Habit and the whole SLZY CREW!) and Louisville KY where I ended up meeting Jesse Jamz (myspace). After talking it up with him for a bit and hearing his tracks I knew his sound was perfect for all you PM lovers! This dude has been at it since he was just 16 and now at age 21 he has played some of the best parties across the country including MisShapes (NYC), Dark Wave Disco (Chi), Live Forever (Philly), and the BLOW UP parties! Very soon he will be dropping an EPs worth of originals on us as well as remixes for Designer Drugs, Trash Yourself, and Eli Smith.

For now I have two treats… including a remix of Figures Steaks and Vodka. Enjoy!

Figure – Steaks & Vodka (Jesse Jamz Remix)

Purple Drank

P.S. To all you Louisville kids keep it rocking cause I had a blast in your city and make sure you get to Jesse Jamz monthly party THEM SHITZ!

- dancruse

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