Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Xavier De Rosnay At Webster Hall Was Mind Fucking

So I flew up to NYC for v-day with my girl friend. We got in late Friday night. I knew Xavier and Busy P were going to be playing at Webster Hall with Alex English, and my boy Reckless. So we got there. No tickets. Line, avenue to avenue. My friend Bryanna gets us in, don't have to pay anything and vip. So all night I'm kicking it back stage and on stage with Frankie Chan, Busy P, Alex English, and Xavier De Rosnay. Busy P had just started playing when we walked in and dropped a loop on Vampire Weekend's A-Punk, rolled it back and dropped the motha fucka. The whole club went nuts. I can't remember all the tracks that were played. But I know that Busy P dropped some nasty shit. Then Xavier came on and just tore the club a new ass hole. I've seen him dj a few times and he isn't always the greatest dj technically speaking. But he was flawless - just amazing.
Highlights from his set were his own tracks. And the Soulwax edit of 808 States - Cubik and Dominator. And some 90's track that I think may have been a basia b-side. I can't remember. I was shit faced.
Here are some photos we took. and that track above.

Human Resource VS 808 State - Dominator (Soulwax Edit)

- DC/GlowTape!


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