Friday, July 24, 2009

Less is More

Greetings writers and readers. For the first official post we've included music from, Idiotproof, Jonny Lexx and myself, Dj Score With all the hoopla surrounding the term "banger," i've dedicated this post to a not so popular moniker, "maximal." No, this isn't an official genre of music, but the term clearly encompasses its make-up. Minimal sounds with equal and sometimes greater power to move dancefloors without the need for overly distorted synths.
Less is more. Idiotproof might not blow your speakers out, but they will keep a dancefloor moving. This track is sprinkled with a delicious number of progressive builds that will keep you wanting more. -Enjoy

Forced - Idiotproof Remix

Jonny Lexxs - Record Baby (N20Mix)

Dj Score - Need Your Lovin vs Diva Drive Mash Up

- Dj Score


Ayso said...

lol "maximal"...great first post.

Disk Jo Slim said...

love it. agree with your point of view on the Idiotproof track

James C said...

more is score.

Mr Gaspar said...

you're such a blog boy now.. all grown up

Nick Daniels said...

been jamming to your mash up err good meng.

Anonymous said...

Ima have sex with score

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