Thursday, October 22, 2009

Designer Drugs Drop Down

Designer Drugs have always been some one of my favorite producers. They never stop putting out the illest remixes and their first single Zombies/Back Up In This (IHeartComix). This should be no different. Their follow up double A-Side Riot/Drop Down is going to blow the roof off! The boys were kind enough to give the world Drop Down before its October 27th release date! I personally love it. It's short, aggressive and to the point - like Joe Pesci. Expect me to be dropping this beast and just about everyone of my upcoming gigs these next two weeks!!!! Enjoy!

Designer Drugs - Drop Down

- GlowTape!


E.Strange said...

i've been likin this track recently... tis a good one for sure

Nick Daniels said...

its an awesome dirty little track.

Unknown said...

lol @ joe pesci

Unknown said...

"like Joe Pesci"

Unknown said...

I cant download the track, bandwith exceeded? :(

BenDanner said...

One of my favorite ones from Designer Drugs.

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