Monday, May 23, 2011

GlowTape! - F The Heat Vol 4

So it's almost summer time and I felt like I have been hearing so much great summery electro house that I needed to put together a new F*** The Heat! So it's got some tribal electro, some dutch house, some banger shit from Designer Drugs, some big room house from Arno Cost, and a new original by me! Not to mention a shit ton of edits, and a new mash up. Sounds about right, and since last time I made the mix a bit shorter and caught some flack for it - this one comes in nicely at 61 odd minutes. Hope you enjoy this, as much as I do! Also there are some free goodies with in the track list, enjoy ;-)!

GlowTape! - F The Heat Vol. 4 by GlowTape!

Volume 4 in the F*** The Heat Series by GlowTape!
Track List:
1. DJ Munki - La Tumbadora
2. Damian Williams - Congas
3. Swen Weber - Second Stroke [GlowTape! Edit]
4. JMD - Jackin'
5. Prosper - Chavroo Night (Redux Remix) [GlowTape! Edit]
6. Shelco Garcia - La Violadora [GlowTape! Edit]
7. Stupid Fresh & Stellar MC - Not Gonna Stop (Trash Junk Remix) [GlowTape! Edit]
8. Spangled Ballet - Birdie (Beto Ceba Remix) [GlowTape! Edit]
9. GlowTape! - Bangen Heads [GlowTape! Edit]
10. Kama Qu & Passao - Disco Records (Deviance Remix)
11. DJ Farouche - Musically Mad
12. Vadim Xorosh - Early Spring (Arent and Raxwell Remix)
13. DJ Red Star - Give Me [GlowTape! Edit]
14. Funkin Matt - Bobler
15. Bassjackers & Apster - Contour
16. Alex Gray - Smalltown Boy (Alex Gray From Pascia Remix)
17. Vahid & Parsa - Pussy Lover (Jared F Whippit Remix)
18. Tonite Only - We Run The Night (Designer Drugs Remix)
19. Blatta & Inesha - My Lady Don't Mind (Modek Remix) [GlowTape! Edit]
20.Daft Punk Vs Stardust - One More Groove Baby (Arno Cost Rework)
21. Felix Da Housecat Vs The Verve - Don't Stand The Bittersweet Symphony (GlowTape! F*** The Mash Up)

- GlowTape!

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