Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bird Peterson - Don't Touch Me remix and others

So a few days ago, I saw some bulletins on the myspaces announcing a new remix from one of my personal favorites, Bird Peterson of Austin Texas. The new track in question was a remix of Busta Rhymes' latest single, "Don't Touch Me." "The Godfather of the Club Banger" himself, Busta has succeed in making himself one fine banger, in which Bird decided to turn into a disgusting mess of awesome. Thanks to Palms Out for getting this track and feeding it to all of us...

Like the Mama bird of internet dance music for many of us eager bloggers... Palms Out is there...

Here's the Busta jam and some other choice ones as well, a Wu-Tang edit (little old but still sick and just released on vinyl) and a Bird classic, a remix of The Who from the EP "...plays other people's popular jams with computers."

Busta Rhymes - Don't Touch Me (Bird Peterson Remix) (256 kbps Direct Link)

Wu-Tang Clan - The Jump Off (Bird Peterson Remix) (320 kbps Direct Link)

The Who - Baba ORiley (Bird Peterson Remix) (192 kbps Direct Link)
Unfortunately only a 192 kbps version, so not for the clubs - enjoy this one by yourself

-Manley, Himself


Anonymous said...

You run a nice blog sir.

First time I've seen it and I like!

Manley © said...

Thanks a lot man, glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

siiic... :D

aye check out this remix of ODB...

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