Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Test'm Out Tuesday III

This Tuesday is a huge day for us, Designer Drugs is playing our humble party tonight and we have a hefty amount of excitement built up about it... Andrea and I have been practicing most of yesterday and early parts of this morn in preparation of this event.

Here are some tracks for your amusement, I must get back to mental readying myself for the awesome that is going to hit our sleepy town tonight... as well as Thursday.

Totally Michael - Casual Satisfaction (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)
-This is something mah boy E.Strange has been wanting for quite some time-

Jackson 5, Tittsworth and Green Velvet - Easy Like ABC (Immuzikation Blend)

Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Calvin Harris Remix)

Tiga & Zyntherius - Sunglasses at Night (D.I.M. Remix)

The next 2 tracks are some more "Remember When" love!

The Rapture - House Of Jealous Lovers (The Disco Villains Remix)

Hot Hot Heat - Let Me In (Chameleonic Remix)

And to end this post, a remix of my favorite Santogold song done by one of my favorite remixers!

Santogold - Shove it (Boy 8 Bit Remix)

-Manley, Himself

1 comment:

David said...

oh god! i love the jackson 5 remix! and the other immuzikation is great! good selection :)! grats

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