Saturday, August 1, 2009

Menace Beach 7-24-09

A couple Friday's ago was Menace Beach. It was easily one of my top 4 favorite parties, and at least for now my favorite set of all time! I could go into the awesomeness that was that night but, why speak about things when we have the audio to share.

There are two issues. One, is that I missed the first like 15 minutes of Shane Lockard's set. And only about 40 minutes of my set was recorded. Which sucks, but whatever the rest of the night was amazing!

So here they are separated, in order of appearance and tasty!

Shane Lockard - Menace Beach 7-24-09

Mustache Florida - Menace Beach 7-24-09

Team Jaguar - Menace Beach 7-24-09

GlowTape! - Menace Beach 7-24-09

- GlowTape!


Anonymous said...

yo team jaguar that star wars shit is grrrreat!

Manley © said...

Thanks Anony, that was our boys Hot Pink Delorean reediting that track. We posted on the blog a few months back, search it and you'll find it!

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